Welcome to Renovate Learning!

Why choose this title?

Well, I have a strong belief that as our society changes, we as educators need to evolve and change with it.  Does it mean throw everything out and start over?  I don’t think so.  When you renovate a house, you don’t bulldoze it down to bare earth. You keep the “good parts”, what’s strong and sound and working.

When we renovate learning, we look at what we teach and how we teach it to determine if it is best practice for our learners.  We are all learners.  Just as our house needs a fresh coat of paint and new appliances…sometimes our classrooms, tools and methods need a renovation! Hopefully this site will inspire you to try something new.

Here’s a bit of a blueprint for the site:

Think About It” has articles, talks and ideas that I find interesting and want to share with you.

Make it Happen” is practical tools, training and teaching so that you can start your renovation with confidence.

And I have a Blog.  I’m not much of a writer, but I will share new things that I hope will be helpful to you.

So, have no fear and let the renovation begin!